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"Dale, I just wanted to thank you for photographing every special moment of our wedding day.  You were so great to work with and really know how to tell a story using your photography.  The album you put together is truly incredible-we have gotten so many compliments.  Thank you for working so hard to give us wonderful pictures to last a lifetime."

 Lauren Mallard, Davie, Florida



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 We thought you did an awesome job!  We are going to recommend your wedding photography to all of our friends…”

 Kirk and April Barnett

Denver, Colorado



How Would You Like To Have A Video Of Your Grandparents Dancing At Their Wedding?

They say our most valuable possessions are the memories of our life experiences. Since the beginning of recorded history, the marriage celebration has been the high point of a family's celebrations. Preserving the memories with motion and sound is one of the wisest investments you can make. If you did have a video of you grandparents dancing at their wedding, I'll bet I couldn't give you anything for it. Your wedding video will be just as important to so many people. Choosing the from all of the wedding videographers is a decision that takes research and careful consideration.


Beautiful music softly fills the air. The mothers are escorted, in their beautiful gowns, to light the candles you and you soulmate will use to express your unity. The man of your dreams takes a deep breath and slowly walks to the altar. Your very best friends take their places to show their support and await your arrival. The most adorable flower girl captures everyone's attention as she hesitates before taking her first uncertain step down the white runner she is preparing for you with beautiful rose petals....and you're not even in the room. You are standing behind the door with your father, getting ready to make your entrance. Without a professional wedding video, you will have missed the important moments you have put so much into making perfect.


Wedding video is naturally less obtrusive than photography. Wedding videographers don't need to pose or arrange people. A video camera is silent and the newer digital cameras work in such low light that rarely is a light needed on the camera. A skilled wedding videographer will be able to catch all the events and the interactions with your guests without you being aware of their presence. When you think about it, all the emotion, drama, suspense and lighter moments are built into the event. There should be no need to perform for the camera. Look for a wedding videographer who will work in the background without becoming the overbearing director of your event.


Attitudes and emotions are contagious. That is why so many wedding professionals have chosen to be at a wedding event every weekend. The love and excitement that wedding party's exuberate will leave us feeling truly good about life. In turn, our attitudes and emotions will have an effect on the people we're working with. Choose wedding professionals who will make you feel both calm and confident.


If you're going to watch it on TV, it should be of the same quality as the other programs you watch. In order to have a great quality wedding video you need a wedding videographer who has the right equipment and is skilled in the areas of camerawork, sound recording and editing. Make sure the videographers you interview are full-time professionals who use three chip cameras for high resolution and great color. Professional wedding videographers will have the equipment and experience to make the most of your wedding video. I can't tell you how many wedding ceremonies I've seen that could hardly be heard by the guests. Do you think an amateur with a camera could make that audible on your dvd? Not likely! That's why we take to care to have a microphone discretely placed where we can record audio better than even the guests can hear.


The love that a couple feels for each other will be with them for the rest of their life. Getting in touch with these feelings years down the road might be a challenge for some. Having a Love Story produced where the details of your romance are documented may very well be the vehicle that will take you back to the time when your love was new. Many couples will have their video include additional important elements of the wedding process such as obtaining a marriage license, a visit to the site of the first meeting or date, recreating the proposal, final fitting of the dress or a visit to the tuxedo shop. When wedding video is produced to its potential, it will do more than just record what you look like and what you say, it will truly capture all the emotions of planning the biggest day of your life. Choose a videographer who is willing to customize coverage the way you want.


A young couple in my office was upfront about deciding whether or not to include professional video in their budget. I asked them to picture themselves owning a film of their grandparent's wedding day and how much it would mean to them. She replied that her grandparents did indeed hire a professional to record a 16mm film of their wedding. I offered to buy it from her and asked her for a price. She said, "I could never part with that film, its family history and probably the most important thing I will ever own." That was precisely the point. Having a professional wedding video produced will provide joy to your family now and for generations to come. Capture the romance by investing in a professionally produced wedding video.



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"You took the most amazing pictures!  We just couldn’t believe it when we saw them.  Everything was just perfect.  Brenda even said her wedding was everything she could have dreamed it could be.  For that we thank you.  You made everyone so comfortable we just couldn’t help but have a great time.”

 Susan Banks,

Tuscaloosa, Alabama


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I just wanted to thank you for capturing every special moment of our wedding day.  You were so great to work with and really know how to tell a story using your photography.  The album you put together is truly incredible-we have gotten so many compliments.  Thank you for working so hard to give us wonderful memories to last a lifetime."

 Lauren Mallard,

 Davie, Florida


Wedding photography at The University of Alabama Presidents Mansion in Tuscaloosa, Alabama by a Tuscaloosa, Alabama wedding photographer


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